10 Best Refer and Earn Money Apps in India 2023

If you are a student and want to earn some pocket money by referring friends then this article is for you. Today in this article, I will tell you about the top 10 best refer and earn money apps in India 2023. These best referral earning apps will give you free Paytm cash and real money in your Bank account.

There are a lot of referral-earning apps available that provide real money for inviting friends. Some of these apps are fantasy cricket apps whereas some apps are Demat accounts in India. You will get free Paytm cash one-time or recurring affiliate commission from the below-mentioned apps. You just need to refer a friend and by referring them you will earn a lot of real cash in your Bank account.

In India, many apps provide refer and earn offers but I have listed only 10 of them in this article. I feel these are the best refer and earn apps because I have earned a lot of money from them. I would suggest you first read the article then download it and start referring friends.

Best Refer and Earn Money Apps

In the below best refer and earn money apps list in India 2023, the first 4 are Demat accounts in India whereas the rest are fantasy apps and earn money apps. I feel these are some of the best referral earning apps. If you want to download more referral earning apps then read the techsuvam blogs. There you will find more such as earning app details.

AppsReferral CommissionSignUp Link
1. Upstox₹400Open Demat Account
2. Groww₹100Open Demat Account
3. 5Paisa40% CommissionOpen Demat Account
4. Zerodha10% CommissionOpen Demat Account
5. Paytm First Games₹5000Download PFG
6. 11Challengers20% CommissionDownload 11Challengers
7. Vision1120% CommissionDownload Vision11
8. My11Circle₹551Download My11Circle
9. Fantasy Power 1120% CommissionDownload FP11
10. OneCode10% CommissionDownload OneCode

1. Upstox Referral Offer

It is one of the most popular stock brokerage companies in India. You can open your Demat account on Upstox and start investing money in Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, NPS etc.

Upstox comes with a refer and earn offer. If you refer friends then you will earn ₹400 in your wallet. For the first time, you will get ₹200 for your friend’s account opening. After that, if your friend makes their first investment then you will get another ₹200 from them.


To withdraw the Upstox referral balance into a bank account you need to invest your money first. You can add funds to your account only with the linked Bank account.

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2. Groww Referral Offer

Groww is also a discount brokerage company. In this app, we can buy stocks, and mutual funds and start our investment. It comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface. After buying a stock immediately it will show on your dashboard tab.


The Groww refer and earn offer will only open after you make your first investment on Groww. For every new referral, you will get ₹100 cash in your wallet. Also, the person who will signup through your link will get ₹101 in their account. Either you can invest to buy stocks, or mutual funds or can transfer it to your Bank account.

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3. 5Paisa Referral Offer

5Paisa is also a discount brokerage company in India. You need to open your Demat account before referring friends on 5Paisa. You can buy stocks, insurance, and mutual funds on this app.

5Paisa comes with a beautiful referral offer. For the first referral, you will get ₹500 cash in your account. After that, you will get 12.5% brokerage sharing for referring up to 5 friends, 25% brokerage sharing for referring friends up to 6 friends and for 26+ referrals you will get 40% brokerage sharing. There are three categories in the 5Paisa referral. Such as Star, Elite Club and Pro. You will get ₹2000 discount vouchers from top brands every month.

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4. Zerodha Referral Commission

Zerodha is one of the best beginner-friendly discount brokerages company. I feel Zerodha is one of the best refer and earn money apps too. You check stocks, and mutual funds and buy or sell them on this Kite by Zerodha app. Before referring friends you need to open a Demat account on this platform too.

Zerodha comes with a 10% brokerage sharing refer and earn offer. If you refer a friend then you will get 10% brokerage sharing for every friend who joins through your link. Also, Zerodha will give you 300 points too. Either you can invest this money or can withdraw it to your bank.

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5. Paytm First Games Referral Offer

This is a gaming app. Sachin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador of this app. In this app, we can play games like fantasy cricket, rummy, poker, ludo, quiz etc. This is one of the best no-KYC gaming apps and referral earning apps in India.

For a new referral, you will get up to ₹5000 deposit cash on your friend’s lifetime deposit. Apart from this, both of you will get a ₹25 deposit cash each, when your friend makes the first deposit. Also, lucky 50 referrers will get ₹50 cashback daily.

The minimum withdrawal of the Paytm First Games app is ₹100. Either you can withdraw your money to your Paytm wallet or your bank account.

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6. 11Challengers Referral Offer

11Challengers is a fantasy gaming app. In this app, we can play fantasy games like fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, baseball, handball, volleyball etc. This app also comes with a referral offer. If you refer a friend then you will get a ₹50 cash bonus and 20% referral commission. Every time your friend joins a contest and deposits money in their account you will get a commission on your winning balance.

The minimum withdrawal limit of the 11Challengers app is ₹200. You can request Paytm withdrawal, Bank withdrawal or instant withdrawal. It charges ₹10 for instant withdrawal.

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7. Vision11 Referral Program

Vision11 is also a fantasy cricket app like 11Challenegers. In this app, you can play games like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, baseball, volleyball, handball, NFC etc.

After signup, Vision11 fantasy app will give you a ₹300 cash bonus. Also for a referral, you will get a ₹100 cash bonus and 20% referral commission for a lifetime. The minimum withdrawal limit of the Vision11 app is ₹100. You can withdraw your winning and referral balance in your Paytm wallet and Bank account. They will charge ₹10 for instant withdrawal.


Varun Chakraborty and Manish Pandey is the brand ambassador of the Vision11 app. If you are an influencer then you can join the Vision11 affiliate program too.

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8. My11Circle Referral Program

RummyCircle and My11Circle are the same apps. You can play rummy and card games on the RummyCircle app whereas you can play fantasy games on the My11Circle app. For the first time after signup, you will get a ₹1500 signup bonus on My11Circle.

My11Circle runs a beautiful referral program. You will earn ₹551 in your wallet for a referral. Either you can withdraw this balance to your Bank account or you can use it to play games. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100. You have to pay a ₹15 withdrawal charge for more than one withdrawal per month.

9. Fantasy Power 11 Referral Program

This is also a fantasy gaming app. Robin Uthappa is the brand influencer of this app. In this app, you can play different kinds of fantasy games. FP11 will give you a ₹100 Sign Up and referral bonus. I feel this is one of the best refer and earn apps in India 2023.

Apart from this, FP11 will also provide a 25% referral bonus for every new referral. The minimum withdrawal limit of FP11 is ₹100. You can withdraw your earnings from your Bank and Paytm wallet.

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10. OneCode Referral Program

This is an affiliate marketing app. You can signup for this app and promote a lot of different brands. This is an app that helps us to generate affiliate links easily and share them with our friends. You can earn 10% of revenue from your friends. The best feature of this app is it provides more commission than the original brand offer.

For example, if you are promoting a brand and you are getting ₹400 for it then OneCode will give you ₹500 or more for the same brand referral. After a few days, you can withdraw earnings into a bank account or Paytm.

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FAQs: Refer and Earn Money Apps

1. Which is the best refer and earn money app?

Upstox, Groww, 5Paisa and Zerodha are the best refer and earn Demat accounts in India.

2. What is the Upstox referral offer today?

You will get ₹600 in your wallet for a referral on Upstox.

3. What are the best Paytm refer and earn apps?

I feel 11Challengers, Real11, GameZy, Vision11 and Paytm First Games are the best-earning apps that provide real-time and lifetime Paytm cashback.

4. How to earn instant real cash by referring friends?

You can earn instant cash by referring friends Groww app. This will give you ₹100 cashback once your friend opens their Demat account.

5. What are the minimum withdrawal-earning apps?

GameZy, 11Challengers, Vision11 and Paytm First Games are the best minimum withdrawal earning apps.

6. What are the best refer and earn UPI apps?

PhonePe, Paytm and Google Pay are the best refer and earn UPI apps. You will get ₹125, ₹100 and ₹180 cashback respectively by referring friends to these apps.

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