PhonePe Wallet to Bank Account Transfer Process and Charges

Welcome guys, I hope all of you are fine. Today I will tell you how to transfer PhonePe wallet money in a bank account in a few minutes. There is only three PhonePe Wallet to Bank Account Transfer process is available. The first method is the easier one than the other two. If you have not a lot of PhonePe Wallet balance then it will be better if you use the first method. You have to pay 6-7% as a charge if you use the first method.

The second method is also good but the third one is the worst one. If you don’t want to use PhonePe Wallet anymore then you can use this method. Otherwise don’t try this else your PhonePe Wallet will be deactivated forever.

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PhonePe Wallet To Bank Account Transfer Process

1. Gold Trick7%
2. Merchant Method0%
3. Wallet Deactivation0%

1. How To Transfer PhonePe Wallet Balance in Bank Account [Gold Trick]

Almost everyone knows about this method. If you want to convert phonepe wallet balance then this is the easier method. It will take around 1-2 days for completation. There is no minimum and maximum limit for this method.

  • Open PhonePe App.
  • Tap on My Money >> Gold.
  • Now choose any option and select Buy Gold.
  • Enter amount (available in PhonePe Wallet).
  • Proceed to payment >> make a payment from PhonePe Wallet.
phonepe wallet to bank tranfer process

In this process, you have to wait for 24 hours. After that you can sell the amount of gold available in your PhonePe Wallet. Please remember you won’t get 100% cash in your bank. Because you have to pay 7% charge for it. Once you sell the gold, money will automatically be credited in your account.

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2. Merchant Trick to Transfer PhonePe Wallet

If you or your friend have a PhonePe Business or Merchant account then you can use this method. You don’t have to pay a single rupee as charge for this method. But in case if you don’t have a merchant account then you can’t take help from this method.

In this method you just have to scan a PhonePe Merchant QR Code and Pay. If you do that then the amount will be tranferred to the merchant holder bank account.

phonepe wallet tranfer process

Two days ago I used this method and purchased medicine from medical store. I had to pay ₹390. In that time, I paid ₹100 from PhonePe Wallet and the remaining amount from bank account. So you can also use same trick to purchase or shop from your nearest store.

Please remember now you can also use PhonePe Wallet balance to purchase products from Flipkart too.

3. Wallet Deactivation Method to Transfer PhonePe Wallet

PhonePe has a option called Wallet Deactivation. If you don’t want to use PhonePe Wallet anymore then you can choose the option to deactivate your PhonePe Wallet. But once you choose the option you won’t get to use PhonePe Wallet anymore.

A lot of users use this method to transfer phonepe wallet into bank account, if they have a lot of wallet balance. It will take only a few seconds to transfer wallet balance in to bank account.

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