Top 10 Daily 100 Rupees Earning Apps in India 2024

Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing really well in your life. I know many of my readers are either students or a person who is looking for a job. Today in this blog, I am going to share some good and authentic daily 100 rupees earning apps in India 2024.

Earning money is not easy. It is very hard. Online earning money is also very hard. But if you follow the right process then you can earn 100 to 1000 every day online. And this is going to be our blog topic today. I hope by reading this article you can find out 10 daily 100 rupees earning apps in India 2024. So, let’s read and start earning money online.

Daily 100 Rupees Earning Apps

If you are a regular reader of our earning apps blog then you may know that before we have published many blogs on daily 100 rupees earning apps, money-making apps, gaming apps etc. I never recommend an app that I had not tested. These daily 100 rupees earning apps are genuine, no doubt. The more you put effort, the more revenue you will generate from it.

Earning AppsHow To Earn ₹100 Daily?App Link
1. Vision11₹500 SignUp Bonus
₹100 Referral Bonus
20% Lifetime Commission
Download Now
2. Navi₹250 SignUp Bonus
₹100 Referral Bonus
Download Now
3. OneCode10% Network Earning
Refer & Earn
Pay & Earn
₹25 on new customer addition
Download Now
4. Real11₹50 SignUp Bonus
₹125 Xtra Cash (Playing Cash)
Upto ₹5000 Referral Bonus
Download Now
5. INDmoneyMultiple Earning OptionsDownload Now
6. UpstoxMultiple Earning OptionsDownload Now
7. 11Challengers₹50 SignUp Bonus
₹50 Referral Bonus
20% Contest Commission
Download Now
8. Kubera FantasyInvite and Earn
Play Games & Earn
Download Now
9. My11CircleUpto ₹1500 SignUp Bonus
Upto ₹551 Referral Cash
Download Now
10. PhonePe₹100 Referral BonusDownload Now

1. Vision11 Earning App

This is a fantasy cricket app. If you watch cricket matches on TV then you may have seen Axar Patel in a Vision11 advertisement. This Vision11 Apk is also known as Chennai Super Kings Fantasy App. We have seen the Vision11 logo on the CSK cap in IPL 2024. Manish Pandey along with Kieron Pollard, Umran Malik and a few others are the brand ambassador of this fantasy app.


In this Vision11 fantasy app, you will get a ₹500 signup bonus after downloading and registering. And for every new referral, your account will be credited with a ₹100 referral bonus. Not only this, every time your referred friend invests some money, plays games or adds money to their Vision11 wallet then you will get 20% of it in your winning balance.

You can withdraw your referral commission and winning balance in your bank account from ₹100. Only one withdrawal is acceptable every 24 hours.

2. Navi

I think Navi will be one of the best daily Rs 100 earning apps in India in 2024. In this app, you can earn by inviting your friends. Once they complete the signup process and Invest a minimum of Rs 50 on Gold you will receive a flat Rs 100 direct in your Bank. They will also receive up to 250 in their bank account. After that, you can easily reinvest this money in gold or mutual fund to revive the benefit of compounding in longterm.

3. OneCode Earning App

I have seen a lot of younger people who want to earn money online but they failed to do because they don’t get approval from any platform. Affiliate marketing is one of the best-earning options from home. But the problem is to join any affiliate marketing you need a platform like an app, website or YouTube Channel.

OneCode is an app where you can join any type of affiliate program easily. Here you can join and make money from various options. The reason why I include OneCode in this best 100 rupees earning app in India 2024 is because of its multiple earning options.

You can earn money from referrals, scratch cards, pay & earn, network earnings etc. Let me explain in short. If you share the OneCode app with your friends then you will make 10% in your OneCode app for a lifetime. apart from this, if you share pay bills or recharge from this app then you can make money and for any type of app referral, you will make money too.

4. Real11 Earning App

Recently, Gautam Gambhir and Kuldeep Yadav have been appointed by this app as their brand ambassador. This is also a fantasy app. Real11 Fantasy Apk is also known as the Gautam Gambhir fantasy app. In this app, you can earn a ₹50 signup and ₹50 referral bonus. I know you can use only a few per cent of your cash bonus to join any contest.


Thus, Real11 will give you another ₹25 + ₹100 Xtra Cash. This Xtra Cash is something that you can use up to ₹200 to join any contest. This is the reason I feel Real11 is one of the best daily 100 rupees earning apps. Let’s start playing, win and then withdraw your earnings in your bank account.

5. INDmoney

INDmoney is a stock and mutual fund investment app. In this app, you can invest your money in the stock market or mutual funds. Many people use this app to invest their money in the stock market, and mutual funds and earn money after a short period or long period of time.

Intraday and Delivery are the two best options to make money from the Indmoney App. But these are for those who have some earning sources. But what if you don’t have any income sources? In this case, you can use INDmoney refer and earn an offer.

After signup, you will get a ₹100 signup bonus and for a new referral, you will get a ₹250 referral bonus. Apart from this you will also receive 40% brokerage commission from your referrals. You can use this money to invest in the INDmoney app or transfer it to your bank.

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6. Upstox Investment App

Upstox doesn’t need any introduction. Everyone knows this app. It is also an app where you can invest your money in stocks or mutual funds. In this app, you can earn money by investing or referring friends. The referral option is active for everyone as of now.


But it is not clear what will be the exact reward. You can consider Upstox as one of the best 100 rupees earning apps in India 2024 but not the no 1 app. Because it is not clear what will give as a reward.

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7. 11Challengers Earning App

11Challengers Apk is the fastest-growing fantasy app in India. In this app, users can play fantasy games and earn money. They will give you a ₹50 signup and a ₹50 referral bonus. Apart from this, if you refer someone then the 11Challengers team will give you a 20% lifetime commission.


You can either invest this lifetime commission or play games with this money. I feel 11Challengers is one of the best daily 100 rupees earning apps in India 2024 because here you can promote and earn, refer and earn or by joining various live contests.

Like Vision11, GameZy, and Real11 this app will also give you an option where you can earn money without joining any contests or playing games. Simply refer people and earn a lifetime commission. You can withdraw your lifetime commission earnings in your bank account.

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8. Kubera Fantasy App

Kubera Fantasy is also a fantasy gaming app. In this app, you can play fantasy cricket and kabaddi game. You can refer people and make money or join an affiliate program to make money from this Kubera Fantasy App.

Here you can see many ongoing offers. You can make money by joining these offers, referral programs or affiliate programs. Users can withdraw their earned money as a multiple of ₹200 from the Kubera Fantasy App. What do you think Kubera Fantasy is one of the best daily 100 rupees earning apps in India 2024? I feel so.

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9. My11Circle Fantasy App

Sourav Ganguly is the brand ambassador of the My11Circle fantasy app. Here you can play fantasy cricket and football. RummyCircle and My11Circle both are the same apps. This app will give you up to ₹1500 bonus after registration.

Also, for a new referral, you will get up to ₹551 in your account. I feel My11Circle fantasy app is the best daily 100 rupees earning app in India 2024. There are two reasons for it. You can either use this referral bonus to play games or withdraw it to your bank account. Only one free withdrawal is allowed every month.

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FAQs: Daily ₹100 Earning Apps

1. How can I make 100 rupees a day?

You can 100 rupees a day in many ways. If you want to make 100 rupees daily online then you can start a blog, youtube channel or play games in some gaming or earning apps to make 100 rupees a day.

Also, if you do some offline work for a few hours then you can make daily 100 rupees for content writing, delivery or per-time data entry operator.

2. Which is the no 1 earning app in India?

This is a question that has many answers. Because I feel my favourite app is the no 1 earning app. Probably you will not agree with me. That’s why I am saying it has many answers. But for now, I feel my11circle is the no 1 earning app because everyone can make Rs 551 from it from every new referral easily.

3. Can I invest 100 ruppes in Groww app?

Yes, there is no minimum investment rule. If any company stock is available from 100 or below 100 rupees then you can invest that money. You just have to pay the number of stock or quantity of stock price. Also, if you want to invest in a mutual fund then the minimum investment amount is Rs 500 to Rs 5000 depending on which fund you are going to invest.

4. How can I earn 50 rupees fast?

Find any active UPI offer or find any friend who does not have an app which will give you referral cashback instantly. Like if you refer someone on PhonePe then you will get 100 rupees instantly after their first UPI transfer. So, ask them to download the app from your link and make their first UPI transfer from that app so that you will get 100 rupees instantly.


In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 best daily 100 rupees earning apps in India 2024. I know, there are many other apps that are good and can give you more earning options. But I have not tested those apps personally. That’s why I have not included those apps in the list.

If you want to know more about me then you can follow me on Instagram. I am also a full-time blogger, affiliate marketer and blog trainer, I give blogging training. You can follow me on LinkedIn to know my strategies.

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